At Io Consulting, we’ve worked with Richmond Strategy Group on a number of coaching and planning activities over several years. In that time we’ve progressed through a start up phase, a growth phase, and now have successfully sold the business after a strong 15 year track record in our industry. The insight and assistance we received from Richmond Strategy has been invaluable at every step of the way; they are true professionals and really know their stuff. If you give them the chance to they will knock your socks off.
-  Steve Kish, President, Io Consulting Inc.

Richmond Group is a coaching and leadership development company based in Toronto, Canada. We offer clients customized strategies to assist them in creating sustainable change in leadership and team productivity and effectiveness. We challenge our clients to expand their perspective on Accountability and Commitment and to take ownership for all the events and results in their business so that they can maximize their effectiveness and achieve results. We deliver our work with in the context of leadership and culture development at the individual, team and organizational level.

Our innovative and leading edge approach integrates leadership development, consulting and organizational change disciplines while creating sustainable behavioural and cultural change.

In strategic partnership with Ceridian Canada and CRR Global.

Lisa Bull (Manager of Training and Development, Ceridian Canada)

We have partnered with Richmond Strategy Group (formerly Big Life) for the past three years. Together we have delivered service to a wide variety of our clients across many sectors. They have delivered individual and group coaching sessions as well as more complex and in-depth team programs. I have found that the Richmond Strategy Group approaches each client situation with insight and professionalism and creates solutions, which are custom designed to address the client’s unique needs. I have also had the pleasure of working closely with Richmond in the delivery of custom-designed programs and have watched the positive and powerful impact that they have had with our client groups.

— Lisa Bull (Manager of Training and Development, Ceridian Canada)

Julia Brown (Vice President, Government Affairs and Market Access, Janssen Inc.)

Richmond was instrumental in helping our team to not only manage but flourish during a period of intense change.  They took the time to understand our team, our challenges and our concerns and customized a program that addressed our needs.  The program helped us to capture and articulate the value of our rich history, provided a robust understanding and appreciation of our culture and gave us the tools and language with which to nurture and strengthen it. We are now creating culture wall to remind us of our journey so far and to reinforce a sense of pride as we move forward.

— Julia Brown (Vice President, Government Affairs and Market Access, Janssen Inc.)

Candice Faktor Managing Director (Corporate Development & Innovation, Toronto Star Digital )

I’ve been a for over 4 years and I don’t have enough great things to say about them. Richmond coaches are truly masters at coaching.  Working with Richmond has changed my life. I learned how to be an outstanding leader and developed a deep understanding of what authentic leadership means. This in turn had a significant and direct impact on my employees and business. Richmond coaches truly get the best out of people and I would say the return on investment was massive at my company. I highly recommend working with Richmond.

— Candice Faktor Managing Director (Corporate Development & Innovation, Toronto Star Digital )

Kevin Wuepper  (General Manager, Lexus Beverly Hills)

I have personally worked with Richmond for over 3 years.  It has been an invaluable experience that has benefited both my company and me. The coaching has been so positive for me that I decided to hire Richmond to work with my management team of 11 people.  The initial feedback I’m getting is already beyond my expectations.

— Kevin Wuepper (General Manager, Lexus Beverly Hills)

 Molly J. Tupper-Chelovich (Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch/Bank of America )

The critical core of what Richmond and I have been discussing has revolved around developing a stronger personal foundation, which I have found to help me above and beyond that of any fundamental development. Through our work, I have been able to identify my values and gain a better understanding of my personal strengths, both of which are the core I have used to develop a strong value proposition and mission statement, truly reflective of my business and myself.  With this sound foundation, I am able to take more ownership of my process of gathering and conducting business and have been able to reflect a much more confident persona allowing prospects to have greater faith in my abilities.

— Molly J. Tupper-Chelovich (Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch/Bank of America )